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Laminar Workflow is a multi-faceted service provider dedicated to making manufacturing processes more efficient and cost effective by using automation and Lean manufacturing principals. Laminar Workflow will provide you with everything you need to make your business a "High-Speed, Low-Drag" operation. Spend less time producing waste and more time building value for your customers!

Laminar Workflow specialized in the integration and optimization of robots into manufacturing environments. We can help guide you through the process of installing robotic automation into your value stream.  Laminar Workflow has an extensive background in collaborative robots and how to use them in machine tending and assembly applications.

Your robot is only as good as the accessories you attach to it. Laminar Workflow can design and build robotic tooling and end effectors to meet all of your needs. We can also help you with all of your tooling and fixturing needs for any type of manufacturing process. We specialize in welding and machine tool fixturing.