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One of the ways to eliminate waste in your manufacturing process is to optimize ergonomics. Excess motion and exertion slows your process, increase injury risk, and demotivates your staff. Laminar Workflow can build any type of work aid to make your workers live easier. Laminar Workflow specializes in shop floor material handling solutions. If you don’t have the right tools you can burn through a lot of process time just moving parts from point A to point B.

Below the Hook Fixtures

below hook fixtures

Laminar Workflow can build custom below-the-hook lifting fixtures to meet your exact needs. Whether you're lifting 50lbs or 50K lbs, Laminar Workflow can design a custom assembly to safety and quickly meet your specific lifting needs. Our lifting assemblies are designed in house and meet ASME B30.20 or your specific design requirement.

Assembly Stations

assembly stations

Laminar Workflow can design and build custom work stations to fit your specific needs. Laminar works with several of the largest industrial furniture builders to create complete custom solutions to the most demanding requirements. May companies try to adapt traditional office furniture to the shop floor with very poor results. Laminar Workflow can custom make benches, tables, and stations that are optimized to your specific process and rugged enough to handle the abuse of a shop environment.