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Laminar Workflow specializes in designing manufacturing tooling and fixturing. Laminar Workflow's engineering staff can design any type of fixture or tooling to help optimize your manufacturing process and reduce waste. We have complete manufacturing capabilities to take your concept all the way to completion. We can even evaluate your current processes and offer methods for improving and optimizing.

Robot End of Arm Tooling

Robot End of Arm Tooling

Your robot is only as good as the end effector. Laminar Workflow can work with you to build custom end of arm tooling for your existing robots that will meet your exact needs. Laminar Workflow can worked with the smallest collaborative robot all the way up to the largest industrial robots. No job is to big or small. For collaborative robots we also offer a large selection of off-the-self equipment through our sister company, CobotDepot

Assembly Tooling

assembly tooling

Manufacturing is all about process repeatability. Can you make the exact same part over and over. Assembly tooling is a great way to speed up a process as well as eliminate human error. Laminar Workflow can create custom assembly jigs and fixtures to help your staff improve process velocity. Tooling can be as simple as drill jigs or as complex as laser projection systems. Assembly tooling can also be used as in process check gauges and Go/No Go. Whatever your in-process tooling needs are, Laminar Workflow can create a solution that is right for you.

CNC Machine Fixtures

preventative maintenance

In a production machining environment tooling changeover and setup is often a time consuming, non-value added process. Well-designed modular tooling that is easy to configure and deploy can be a huge time saver in your manufacturing process. Laminar Workflow is well versed in CNC machining applications and can help you build robust, intuitive tooling that increases your process velocity and safety while at the same time reducing down time.