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Over time machines with moving parts tend to fail due to the constant wear and tear of a typical manufacturing environment. Replacing equipment can be an expensive and tedious task. Sometime is makes more sense to look at refurbishing or updating a machine. Often refurbishment of a machine can be a more cost effective quicker solution and in some cases you end up with exactly what you want and not just what is available on the retail market. Laminar Workflow can work with you up to update any type of machine tool or electromechanical equipment you have. From simple modifications to complete overhauls, Laminar Workflow can help you optimize and improve your existing equipment.

Machine Tools

machine tools

Laminar Workflow can work with you on all you your CNC machine tool retrofit needs. New machines are expensive. Before you commit to scrapping an existing machine for a new one, let us help you understand what it takes to retrofit your existing machine. It a lot of cases it can make more sense to update a machine than to replace it. Laminar Workflow will work with all brands and types of equipment.



Laminar Workflow specializes in waterjet reworks and retrofits. Waterjets are great machines, but due to their nature get pretty nasty very quickly. Laminar Workflow can refurbish your waterjet to like new condition for a fraction of the price of a new machine. At the heart of your waterjet is the intensifier pump. Laminar works with all of the major pump manufactures and can rebuild your entire intensifier from the ground up. Laminar Workflow can also install water reclamation systems as well as abrasive recovery/removal systems.

Custom Builds

custom builds

Sometimes your manufacturing process call for something special that's not available "off the shelf". Laminar Workflow can build you any type of electromechanical device to suit your needs. Laminar Workflow has complete design and manufacturing capabilities to solve all of your process needs.

Preventative Maintenance

preventative maintenance

Having a well-planned maintenance plan in place for your equipment is vital to maximizing uptime and performance. However, it is very common for companies to forgo a regular maintenance plan and adopt the self-defeating strategy of "fix it when it breaks." If you truly what to embrace a lean culture, you must keep your equipment in tip top shape. Laminar Workflow offers complete preventative maintenance service plans for all of your equipment and manufacturing lines. Laminar Workflow can work with you to create reoccurring preventative maintenance plans for your equipment to insure that your down time is minimized. We can do everything from coolant and filter changes on your CNC equipment to complete factory level services plans.